You feel like there are not enough hours in the day.


You feel often overwhelmed.


You are killing it in one area of life, but everything else is suffering.


You are excited about one aspect of life, but going through the motions in another.


You feel pulled all over the place.


You are not alone... I HAVE BEEN THERE! 

I know what it's like to pour out so much that you can't take the time to replenish yourself. I know what it's like to try all the methods, read all the books, and still feel defeated. Don't Worry! ChangeHER is exactly what you need. 


My coaching style is innovative and fresh. I'm NOT going to tell you what you want to hear, but I will give you the honest truth and provide you with the tools to move from living a chaotic, overwhelmed, and stuck life to living a life with

margins, productivity, and clarity.


Buckle up.

and get ready to ChangeHER!

Find the perfect balance with the right mentorship program

Become a better woman in the midst of chaos!


The dilemma with accessing life change is having the right coach! Your coach should have the ability to empathize with where you are, help you to recognize how you got there and guide you to use practical tools to access life change. 


Changing your life is challenging but definitely possible! One step, one realization, one resource and one conversation can set you on the path to a life you can enjoy. 


Let’s get started today! Join ChangeHER Mentorship group and gain access to weekly meetings with your coach Shameka, access to a personal online portal filled with resources, access to the Facebook ChangeHer group for building community and accountability. 



Hi, I’m Shameka, and being chosen as your coach would be an honor that I do not take lightly. Why is your success so important to me? After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, I thought things would ordinarily fall into place in my mind. I was wrong! After getting my degree, it was a long and intense battle to find who I was, days of constant battle with my emotions, fear of rejection, spiritual derailment, and loss of identity in the world. It was tough. But I was able to find strength from the Scriptures, and under the right coaching, I arose and became the best version of myself.


Today, I can stand proud and firm on the rock that can never fail and say I understand what it means to live a life of joy and peace. I built myself and overcame fear and rejection through divine guidance; I gained spiritual and emotional intelligence, strength, and peace.


I am the proud author of “Arise,” in which I discuss my struggles and how I overcame and became who I am today.  After learning to control my emotional and spiritual health, I realized that my life of peace and joy was directly in front of me. Gradually, I was able to find who I was, where I was going, and how to get there. I realized that I wanted to empower women facing what I struggled with, women with immense potential that the world desperately needs. Women that are stuck and confused on the path to go. I became a grief specialist to help these kinds of women become more regardless of their issues.


So, this is why your success is important to me. I see potential in every person who signs up, and with my experience, you can thrive more than you ever imagined.

Program Format

  • 30-Day Program

    ChangeHER - Mentorship Group

    ChangeHer is a 30-day program that will include:

    • Weekly Zoom Classes
    • Private Facebook Group Interactions
    • Resource Videos & Materials

ChangeHER Mentorship 

Program Starts November 1st

30 Day Mentorship

  • 4 Weekly Group Sessions

  • ChangeHER Facebook Group Access

  • Mentorship Portal Access with video replays and resources


One time fee

© Copyright 2021 Shameka Daniels, LLC

© Copyright 2021 Shameka Daniels, LLC